Papers associated with the REDD-PAC project

Future environmental and agricultural impacts of Brazil's Forest Code.
Soterroni, A., Mosnier, A., Carvalho, A.X., Cāmara, G., Obersteiner, M., Andrade, P.R., Souza, R.C., Brock, R., Pirker, J., Kraxner, F. and Havlik, P.. Environmental Research Letters, 13(7), 2018. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/aaccbb, July 2018, .

What are the limits to oil palm expansion?.
Pirker, J., Mosnier, A., Kraxner, F., Havlík, P., Obersteiner, M.. Glob. Environ. Chang. 40, 73 - 81, June 2016, .

Economic Development and Forest Cover: Evidence from Satellite Data.
Cuaresma, J.C., Danylo, O., Fritz, S., McCallum, I., Obersteiner, M., See, L.. Vienna University of economics and business, Department of Economics; Working paper no. 215, January 2016, .

Optimizing ethanol and bioelectricity production in sugarcane biorefineries in Brazil.
Khatiwada, D., Leduc, S., Silveira, S., McCallum, I.. Renew. Energy 85, 371 - 386, 2016. doi:10.1016/j.renene.2015.06.009, .

Development of a global hybrid forest mask through the synergy of remote sensing, crowdsourcing and FAO statistics..
Schepaschenko, D., See, L., Lesiv, M., McCallum, I., Fritz, S., Salk, C., Moltchanova, E., Perger, C., Shchepashchenko, M., Shvidenko, A., Kovalevskyi, S., Gilitukha, D., Albrecht, F., Kraxner, F., Bun, A., Maksyutov, S., Sokolov, A., Dürauer, M., Obersteiner, M., Karminov, V., Ontikov, P.. Remote Sens. Environ. 162, 208 - 220, 2015. doi:10.1016/j.rse.2015.02.011, .

A citizen science application for improving the spatial distribution of global forests.
Shchepashchenko, D., Lesiv, M., See, L., Fritz, S., Shvidenko, A., Perger, C., Dürauer, M., Kraxner, F., Shchepashchenko, M.. XIV WORLD FORESTRY CONGRESS, September 2015, Durban, South Africa, .

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International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

National Institute for Space Research - Brazil

Commission des forets d'Afrique Centrale/Central African Forests Commission

United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada

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Germany International Climate Initiative

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