REDD-PAC policy workshop for Brazil,,

11 September 2012, INPE, São José dos Campos

This one-day workshop was organized by INPE, IPEA, and IIASA and was held at INPE headquarters in São José dos Campos. Around 10 stakeholders from the Brazilian federal government and Brazilian scientists were invited and participated.

It was one of the first steps in building relevant forward-looking policy scenarios for Brazil. The objective was threefold:

  1. acquaint Brazilian stakeholders with the REDD-PAC project and the modelling approach which will be used to assess policies
  2. review the land-use policies currently implemented in Brazil, and those under discussion
  3. investigate how REDD+ could be integrated into the current policy framework.

Material from the meeting

  • Meeting agenda.
  • REDD-PAC team - Land use policies in Brazil and the REDD-PAC project

    Project Partners

    International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

    National Institute for Space Research - Brazil

    Commission des forets d'Afrique Centrale/Central African Forests Commission

    United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre

    Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada

    Funding Organization

    Germany International Climate Initiative

    Endorsed by

    Global Land Project