In the run-up to COP 21 the REDD+ mechanisme receives increased attention from media across the world.

Vienna-based radio station FM4 interviewed IIASA researchers Florian Kraxner and Aline Mosnier on their vision of REDD+ in the ongoing climate negotiations.

Click here to listen to the full podcast (the section on REDD+ starts at 10:20) or download the mp3 of the special programme on REDD+.

The GEO magazine published a story about the potential of REDD+ to save tropical forest worldwide.

'If the mechanism is not clarified and if the most important amounts [of payments under REDD+] are not rapidly put on the table, there is the risk that countries like DRC and Cameroon do not see this experimental mechanism as a sufficiently great incentive to not destroy their forests in the years to come', says Aline Mosnier, one of the interviewed experts.

Along the same lines, Folha de São Paulo, the secong biggest Brazilian magazine published a story entitled "Everything about deforestation". There, Gilberto Câmara (INPE) underlines the strong past performance of the government of Brazil in its sustained combat against deforestation. The article featurs 65 pictures, 28 info graphisc and 8 videos and is worth looking at also for non Portuguese speakers.

On the occassion of the submission of Brazil's INDC, Gilberto Câmara (INPE) underlines the significance of the announced emission cuttings of Brazil in an interview (in Portuguese).

REDD-PAC work also found it's way to a greater audience in the Congo Basin. "La tempête des tropiques" featured COMIFAC's side event at the margins of the historical COP 21 in Paris. The "online article" reports in detail the different dimensions of REDD-PAC model results for DRC.

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